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You love books and you want to share that love with the world.

But your blog isn’t growing as fast as you want it to. Maybe you’re not getting enough traffic. Maybe nobody is interacting with you. Perhaps you want to grow your Twitter or Instagram following, but you don’t know how. Or maybe you want to learn how to make graphics that perform well on Pinterest. There are a million things you want to do with your blog, but you don’t know how. Well I’m here to help you with all of it and give you ideas for things you haven’t even thought of.


I’m Rebecca, a three and a half year book blogging veteran who’s going to help you with all those tricky blogging questions.

Questions like how do I create a gorgeous bookstagram? How do I get my reviews to stand out? What are the essential blog post steps for a book blogger? How do I connect with publishers? And more! You’ll find all the answers you’re looking for right here. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for? Shoot me an email or tweet me! My job is to be your partner on your book blogging journey. Blogging can be lonely, but one of my favorite things about book blogging is the community. You’re not alone. There are tons of people just like you out there. Whether you’re a brand new blogger or a veteran ready to ramp up your blog game, I’m the person for you.


Who am I?

I’m a 20-something bookworm who fell out of books and then rediscovered her love after college. I’ve always been an avid reader, but sometime in high school and then through college I stopped reading. During my foray in the land of unemployment I rediscovered books and the magic they hold and started this blog. There are so many things I wish I had known when I first started blogging which is why I shifted the focus of this blog a little. I’m still a raging fangirl, but I’m now a raging fangirl who helps you improve your own book blog. When I’m not reading or blogging, you can usually find me running or doing zumba, cooking, cuddling on the couch with my husband or eating pizza.


Why Me?

You browse the internet. You know there are tons of bloggers out there giving great blogging advice. So why read my tips? Why take my courses and use my resources? Because I’m a book blogger. I know this niche. I know who you are. I know what you want to do. I am you. And all of these tips you see are directly relevant to the book blogging niche. I’m not just going to tell you how to grow your email list. I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that for this niche. I’m going to show you not just how to take better pictures for Instagram. I’m going to show you how to photograph books and which hashtags are relevant to our industry. I’ll show you how to create a tracking system for your arcs. How to write a book review that stands out. And more! What are you waiting for? Let’s build a better blog together! And what better place to start then with a free e-course on how to create your own graphics for your book blog? It’s 8 days of awesome information completely free. Enroll today and start building a better book blog!
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