Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

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Beautiful Darkness 

Author: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Series: The Caster Chronicles, Book Two
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Format: Hardcover, 503 pages
Release Date: October 12, 2010
Source: Mid-Columbia Libraries


After the whirlwind of events that took place on Lena’s
Claiming night, only one thing is for sure, things will never be the same. Lena
has suffered a tragic loss and blames herself. Ethan is in the dark about the
true events that occurred that night and can’t figure out why Lena continues to
pull away. Things only get stranger as Ethan starts having visions that Lena
can’t see. When Ridley shows up with a mysterious guy, Ethan knows that
something bad is going on. With Lena falling deeper and deeper into despair, he
must fight to save her and break the curse that has haunted her family once and
for all. But doing that is easier said than done. This journey is going to be
like nothing Ethan has ever imagined and may be one he won’t come back from.
Will he be able to unravel all the secrets and save Lena in time?

My Review:
This book was really hard for me to get into. It felt really
slow after all the action that was packed into the first one. It was
reminiscent of New Moon by Stephanie
Meyer to me. For those of you who haven’t read the Twilight saga, in the second book Bella is pretty much depressed
the whole time and the plot just drags. I mean I understand that Lena is grief
stricken over her loss, but after a while, I just wanted to scream, enough is enough! The action did pick
up, but not until well over halfway through the book. Once it picked up I got
into it, but I was disappointed that it dragged out for so long.
Lena is completely lost to us in this book. We have no idea
what is going on with her because she is so withdrawn. I missed her throughout
the book, because I felt like she was never really there, even if she was. At
first I understood, but then I really missed her character. I missed the
intense love between her Ethan that was absent for the majority of the book.
Ethan on the other hand, grows even more in this book. He
learns more about the Caster world and more about his mother. His love for Lena
is unmatched. The harder she tries to push him away, the harder he tries to
reach out and save her. We also feel how draining it is for him to love Lena.
He is physically and emotionally exhausted throughout the book, reminding us
just how mortal he really is. His courage astounds me. The situations he willingly
walks into for Lena would make me go screaming and running as fast as I could. There
is nothing that he won’t do for this girl. I desperately hope that they can
find a way to truly be together in the end.
Overall, I was disappointed with Beautiful Darkness. I was geared for an action packed book like the
first one, and was met with an almost stagnant plot line. Even once the action
picked up, I didn’t feel the excitement that I did with the first one. I think
that it largely had to do with the fact that Lena’s character was so empty in
this book. We did get to meet some new characters that were interesting and
added new twists to the story which I liked. I thought we would learn more
about Sarafine, but we really didn’t which was another disappointment. I just
wasn’t a huge fan. Hopefully Beautiful
and Beautiful Redemption
are full of riveting, exciting action and love like Beautiful Creatures was.   

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