Ten Bookish Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

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Do you love looking at pretty pictures of books as much as me? Of course you do! Which is why you need to follow these bookstagrammers. - unboundpages.com

I’ve recently become quite obsessed with Instagram. Maybe it’s the new camera I got for Christmas? But no. I don’t think that’s entirely it. I think I’m completely enraptured with people’s creativity. The beautiful pictures they take just capture me and I spend hours and hours scrolling through my feed, people’s profiles and hashtags. I can’t stop myself. I’m addicted. In fact, before I even started writing this post I clicked over to IG for just a second and then like fifteen minutes later I was like “Damn it!” Instagram can make me lose my focus like that. But it also inspires me to be more creative, to see the beautiful things in life. And if you’re a book lover like me (I assume you are or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post…) then you also love to look at all the pretty bookish pictures. So here are my favorite bookish Instagram accounts you all should be following.




Aside from the fact that her pictures are absolutely stunning, Cait also writes the most hilarious captions to go along with her photos. Love this girl and you’re missing out if you’re not following her.





I don’t know how Hafsah just happened to have a freaking pirate ship in her home but this picture is beautiful. She also posts lots of pictures of her planner/journal/pencil lines from her Icey Designs shop. Definitely need to be following her!




Jamie must be a dog whisperer to get her puppy to take this perfect picture. Adorable. I love that Jamie has a mix of bookish pictures with her own personal photos. And I love all the pictures of her adorable puppy!





You had me at Louboutins and books. I mean seriously. I stumbled across this picture and the fashionista and bookworm in me screeched. Taylor posts all kinds of gorgeous pictures. And she’s super talented at nails. I need to befriend her and have her paint some gorgeous designs on my currently unpolished nails…





I just discovered Olivia’s account, but I’m obsessed. Lots of books in nature and I’m absolutely in love with this one.





Oh my gosh, Ava takes some of the most gorgeous pictures I’ve ever seen on Instagram. I love her creativity and the white background she usually features behind her photos.





I’ve been following Brittany for a long time, probably since I started blogging almost three years ago. But lately she’s really stepped up her Instagram game. Girlfriend’s photos are on point. I’m in love with them.





CAN WE JUST? CAN WE JUST? LOOK AT THIS PICTURE! IT IS MAGICAL. Seriously I’m obsessed with this picture. I absolutely love the petals and the twigs on the map. I don’t know exactly what it is about this one, but gah I just love it!





Maybe I just have a thing for maps. I mean I know I do, but Judith’s account is beautiful!! She takes amazing pictures and is just a generally awesome person. I also love that her account is a mix of books and her real life.





I love the flower in the pages along with the adorable illustration. Totally makes me want to read this book.


There you have it! My top ten bookish Instagrammers you should be following! I’m working on my photography as well and trying to improve. The struggle is real. Photography is hard. But I think I’m slowly getting better so if you want to check out my own feed you can find me @librarycanary!


Who are some of your favorite bookish instagrammers? 

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11 responses to “Ten Bookish Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

  1. Thank you so much for including me in your list! I'm so honored to be among such awesome photographers! 😀
    I'm definitely trying to step up my Insta game haha! It's so much fun and I've always wanted to try my hand at photography. Bookstagram is such a fun way to do it!

  2. Yay for Instagram! I love following people who post beautiful photos (bookish or otherwise), and you've listed some of my personal favorites on here <3

  3. Omggg I'M LITERALLY FLAILING HERE TO BE MENTIONED WITH SUCH GREAT OTHER INSTAGRAMMERS. *blushes* I'm so glad you like my photos. xD I'm not very aesthetically consistent, gah, buuuut…I have fun. Now I need to make sure I'm following Hafsah and Amber! :O They look AMAZING.

  4. I love these! I'm following most of them already and will have to make sure I'm following bthe others! I do not take pretty bookish pictures so instead I just soak in everyone else's haha. I love it! Always so pretty.

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