Bird In A Fishbowl: The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz (The Red Years)

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So I was talking to Kelly the other day about 50 Shades of Grey and about how, contrary to popular opinion, I rather enjoyed the books. Sure, the writing is not great, but holy shit is Christian Grey sexy as hell. After telling her this, she recommended The Original Sinners series to me. I’d been craving a sexy book so I thought I would check it out. Read the synopsis. Seemed okay. But Kelly recommended it right? And she’s the queen of sexy books. So I downloaded a sample of the first book on my Kindle. And then read it. And then bought the first book. And then finished it. And then bought the second book. And so on until I finished the first four books in the series. I read four books in less than a week. Why? Because they are that damn good. That being said, I can’t recommend them to everybody. You have to be really sexually open to enjoy these books. You can’t balk at same sex couples. You can’t balk at kinky shit. And I’m talking some seriously kinky shit. You have to keep an open mind and remember that even if this isn’t your thing, it’s somebody else’s. If you can handle that, then keep reading this post.


These books are about a woman named Nora Sutherlin, an erotica writer who also enjoys a life of BDSM. Nora has a healthy sexual appetite and as you would expect from any good erotica novel, she has a lot of sex. And the sex was good. Hot. Steamy. Made me need a cold shower. But the thing that I loved most about these books was that they weren’t about the sex. They were about so much more. The sex really took a backseat to the characters and their lives.


This series is about accepting people for who they are. Not judging them for what they do. Not trying to change them into somebody else. Not wondering what happened to make them this way. See that’s where 50 Shades got it wrong. Just because you’re into BDSM doesn’t mean that something horribly tragic happened in your past to make you this way. This is just who some people are. This is the way they were born. Same as some people are born liking men and some people are born liking women. And still other people are born liking both. This series teaches the reader that it’s not okay to judge. There’s nothing wrong with having different tastes. There’s nothing wrong with going against the status quo. That underlying message throughout the series was what made me fall in love.


The writing is incredible. I think that erotica gets a bad rep because everybody thinks the writing is trashy or smutty. Not true. Tiffany Reisz will prove you 100% wrong on that. These stories are written in a way that reading them feels like you’re taking a vacation. I breezed through these books, never struggling with a single thing. Her writing draws you in and keeps you there. I mean, my god, I read over 1,600 pages in less than a week. And I loved every second of it.


And then there are the characters. These characters became my friends. My people. Nora is one of the fiercest, strongest, most incredible woman I have ever read about. Soren is one of the most selfless, humble, giving man I’ve ever read about. And every time someone would hate on their relationship, my blood would boil. Because never did truer love exist between two people.


And then there was Kingsley. My god. I had to beg Kelly to share him with me because I am IN LOVE with this man. So complex a character. His relationship with Soren, Nora, Juliette, all of “his people” (he’s kind of the leader of the Underground…) was so beautiful and perfect. I loved how protective Kingsley was of the people he loved. I loved reading about his all of his varying emotions. I loved seeing where he started and how far he had come. Everything about this man was spectacular.


These books ripped my heart out of my chest piece by painstaking piece. And then by the end, the author had patched it up and put it back in my chest. I died while reading these books and then came back to life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s the truth. These books elicited such emotion from me. They were real and honest, even when the truth was painful. These books showed the ugliness of real life, the messiness of relationships, the strength of true love and the power of true friendship. I can’t wait to read the next four and I am so happy that Kelly introduced me to these books.


Have you read these books? Please come fangirl and flail over them with me! 

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8 responses to “Bird In A Fishbowl: The Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz (The Red Years)

  1. Kelly recced these to me awhile back!! I just haven't started bc I had just bought a shit ton of books back in Nov then Dec then went on a buying ban. But I'm totally going to get the first soon bc I'm totally intrigued. I know she loves this series and now you do too! I'll read the first and let you guys know what I think. 🙂

  2. I'm probably one of the few people who never read Fifty Shades. For some reason, I just never got around to it. Maybe I should? Anyway, love this feature where you talk about different things! And if I'm in the mood for erotica, I will definitely check out this series! ~Pam

    • Meh. 50 Shades is good if you want a trashy read. Lol. The writing is terrible. But I guess it's a good intro to this series? Because if you like the BDSM aspect of 50 Shades then I think you'll like these books. But if you're not into that, I think you'll hate this series. Because it gets pretty fucked up.

  3. Ana

    I just started this series…I read it on my samsung galaxy on the train and it hurt my eyes. I just got a tablet and can't wait to start book two!

  4. Because I'm re-reading the series right now I came upon your reviews again through Goodreads and 1. I'm pissed at myself because I must have read it initially on my phone months ago and forgot to come back and comment and 2. because I'm laughing out loud at you calling me the Queen of sexy books. I will take that title and rule justly and fairly 🙂

    You say a lot of the same things I said in my review and I'm grinning like an idiot because I am SO HAPPY you "got" these books! The depth of love and understanding of these characters isn't easy but I'm so so so happy you went out on a limb and read these…AND loved them :):):):):)

    • Haha that's okay – we had awesome Twitter convos about it when I first posted. 🙂 You are so the queen of sexy books.

      I am so happy I took a chance and read them!! Because seriously they are AMAZING! Incredible. So perfect. Now I totally want to reread.

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