15 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

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15 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers! For when your brain just doesn't want to work anymore.

Do you ever feel like the only blogger who can’t generate content? I sometimes sit at my computer staring at the stupid blinking cursor for what feels like forever hoping that a blog post idea manifests, flows through my fingers and magically types itself up. It doesn’t because apparently I am not in fact magical. How disappointing. Perhaps my magical gifts just haven’t awoken yet. Yes, let’s go with that because being a mundane muggle (OMG I can use HP references successfully now! #hpvirgin) is just unacceptable. But because I currently have no magic, I have to use another instrument to generate amazing blog post ideas. And that is my brain. Which doesn’t always like to cooperate. I know I’m not alone. We’ve all been there. And if you haven’t been there please share your secrets.


Sometimes you just feel uninspired.


And being uninspired does not write great blog posts. I mean, you could probably crank something out. Maybe a half-hearted Top Ten Tuesday. Or just throw up your latest book haul with some pictures and some ALL CAPS SHRIEKING. I mean, I’m all for shrieking, but a lot of times those posts don’t excite me as I’m writing. I want to provide value to my readers. I want you guys to take something away from every blog post you read. Whether that’s adding a new book to your TBR from a review or an awesome tip on how to make your blog better, there should be a take away.


I want my blog posts to provide value to every reader.


We all do. Because if your post provides value, your readers will share it. Other people will read it. They will love it. They will follow you. Your blog will grow. And you’re one step closer to reaching those blog goals we all pretend we don’t really have because we “don’t care about numbers”. Right. So what’s the solution to this crisis? Well, there are a couple things. I always keep a backlog of ideas. I use Evernote and whenever I have an idea, I put it into Evernote. Then when I’m feeling uninspired, I have a list I can choose from. But how do you get that list started?? That’s where I come in. I’m about to give you 15 blog post ideas for book bloggers. These are all sure to catch your audience’s attention and they’ll get your creative juices going to come up with more epic post ideas.


Don’t want to read everything or don’t have time? That’s okay. I made an easy, printable list for you to download.


15 Blog Post Ideas for Book Bloggers


No. 1: Blogging Tools

Everybody always wants the inside scoop on your blogging process. How do you get everything done? What organization methods do you use? How do you take those stunning pictures? What program do you use to make those perfect graphics? People want to know this information! That’s why my posts like 14 essential steps in my blogging process and 5 reasons you should be using Yoast SEO are so popular. I’m showing people exactly how I do what I do. So share your secrets!


No. 2: How-To Posts

This could be anything from how to write a book review to how to create a gorgeous bookstagram. I’ve taught people how to use Canva and how to set up Yoast among other things. People love tutorials. We all love learning new things. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who hates learning. There’s something so exciting and fun about learning something new. Especially if it’s something that will make their life easier or their blog grow. Don’t think that the things you do are simple and nobody needs to know how to do them. Remember when you started blogging and knew nothing? There are tons of people out there just starting out and they need our help!


No. 3: Event Coverage/Recaps

Been to an author event lately? Write up a recap post! Take notes at the event about what the author’s are saying. People love reading stuff like that. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t get many author events in their area, so I think it’s great to share what you learned at the event so those people have an opportunity to hear the same things. I just went to BEA and wrote a huge write-up of that event. I’ve also written recaps of author events like Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows tour. These posts are always popular.


No. 4: #bookwormproblems

Or other humorous things. People like to laugh. Maybe someone is having a terrible day at work and they take a five minute break to check Twitter. They stumble across your post talking about all the ridiculous bookworm problems or whatever other hilarity you’ve come up with and it makes them laugh. They needed that. And you’ve just made their day better. Stop telling yourself you’re not funny. I know that’s what you’re saying. You are and people will love you. I love to include gifs in these posts. They always make me laugh.


No. 5: Round-up of Posts You’ve Read

Share the love! I don’t know about you guys, but I am terrible at reading my blog feed. I honestly can’t remember the last time I logged into my Bloglovin’. I mostly read posts that I see on Twitter or the blogs I’m subscribed to via email. But when someone puts together an awesome round-up it makes it so much easier! Amanda @ Nellie & Co. is amazing at this, putting together over 200 blog posts every month. I love browsing through these.


No. 6: # Fantasy Books to Read If You Liked ________

I like to start post titles out with numbers. People like numbers. I know I am more likely to click on a post if it starts with a number. So you could write up a post titled “5 Fantasy Books to Read if You Like The Winner’s Curse”. I loved The Winner’s Curse so I’m definitely clicking on that so I can hurt my TBR even more than it already is.


No. 7: Infographics

Make an infographic! Canva makes it easy to create infographics and people love visual goodies like these. You could do something similar to my If You Like… Then Read… post. Or maybe something like “New to JLA? Start here” then guide them through JLA’s extensive back list. The possibilities with infographics are endless. Bonus: they perform super well on Pinterest!


No. 8: Branching Out

If you’re like me, you read mostly YA. But maybe you’ve read some adult books lately that you’ve loved. So you could write a post like “5 Adult Books with YA Crossover Appeal”. Or “5 Soft Fantasies for the Contemporary Lover”. Help people discover new things. I used to never read contemporary. Then one day I started and felt like I found a whole new world. I used to never read adult. Then I discovered Red Rising & Mistborn and I want more books like that. Help people step out of their comfort zones by giving them direction.


No. 9: Goodreads Shelf Organization

I wish I had more shelves. I’m constantly thinking of more shelves I would like to add. I think there are so many people that don’t use Goodreads to its full potential. So show them how to! Show them your shelves. The more extensive, the better! Show them how you use those shelves to track things like your ARCs (both physical and egalleys). Maybe you use it to track what books you own physical copies of and what books you own e-copies of. Share your system! Help people get more organized.


No. 10: Lessons Learned

Have you ever done something blogging related and it didn’t work? What did you learn from the experience? I’m itching to write up a post on why I wish I had started blogging on WordPress vs. making the switch from Blogger three years in. I want to share my experiences so new bloggers can make an informed decision before they start up. Or people on Blogger can see the benefits of WordPress. Share your lessons! You learned them the hard way. Other bloggers don’t have to.


No. 11: Working with Publishers

Every book blogger in the history of ever wants to know how to establish great working relationships with publishers. We all want contacts. But how do you get them? How do you maintain them? How do you get on the mailing lists? Have you done it? Share how.


No. 12: Bookish Merchandise

Share that awesome fandom stuff you own! Include links to where you can get it! I love discovering awesome new bookish shops. Some of my favorites are Evie Seo’s Society6 shop and Brittany’s Novelly Yours candles. Include pretty pictures. Heck, you could even reach out to the shop owners to see if they have an affiliate program to make a little extra side money.


No. 13: Discussion Posts

Discussion posts are super popular among book bloggers. Make yours stand out! Make them thoughtful. Put your voice into them. Be as opinionated as you want. But remember to always respect the opinions of others. We don’t need any more drama in the book blogging community. Coming up with discussion post ideas can be tricky when it seems like everything has already been done. Just because it’s been written about doesn’t mean you can’t bring a unique perspective to it. I keep a list that I update as I read. Often times discussion post ideas come to me as I’m reading various books. Basically make Evernote your best friend and write everything down.


No. 14: Quotes

People LOVE quotes. My most pinned graphic on Pinterest to date is from a post I did on favorite quotes. Make pretty graphics to go with them and share what books they’re from and why they mean something to you. Reading gorgeous quotes will often get me to add a book to my TBR. Many of them are also just inspirational to me and can fuel my creativity or give me the pick-me-up I need.


No. 15: Bookshelf Tour

You took your readers on a tour of your Goodreads shelves, but what about your actual physical shelves? Explain how you organize and include pictures. You could even talk about how you purge books to make room for more. I did a whole post on how to clean off your bookshelves including – you guessed it – a fun infographic!


There are so many topics out there book bloggers can cover. Yes, many have been done before, but remember that you are unique and will bring something different to the topic. There are tons of blog posts out there about creating a beautiful Instagram, but I geared my post towards book bloggers making it unique and relevant to my niche. Bring your unique voice to your posts. Share your opinions. Spice up your posts with humor. The most important thing is to be you. Your audience clicked follow because they like you! Do you and your followers will keep coming back for more.


Want the list in an easy, printable format so you can quickly reference it while blogging? I figured you would. So I made you one!


How do you generate new blog post ideas? Do you ever find yourself staring at that blinking cursor hoping something falls onto the screen? Was this list helpful? 

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  1. I got through the first couple paragraphs, which are helpful, before I gave up reading because I got so annoyed by the social media buttons on the left hand side of the screen blocking the first word or two of the paragraphs. I am new to blogging, especially book blogging and was really looking forward to some helpful tips.

    • lockhartbecca

      Hi, Laura! I am so sorry about that. I have never seen that issue on my end before so thanks for bringing it to my attention. I made the share buttons smaller so hopefully they won’t overlap anymore. Please let me know if they do so I can continue to work on getting it fixed. I hope you can now find some helpful blogging tips! Welcome to the book blogging world!

    • lockhartbecca

      Yes! Sometimes it’s hard to keep it fresh and original in the book blogging world. I’m glad the ideas helped!

  2. oi, sou blogueira brasileira. Conheci seu blog atraves do Pinterest e me apaixonei. Suas dicas são geniais, com certeza vou seguir. Muito obrigada me ajudou muito!!
    Hi, I’m a Brazilian blogger. I knew your blog through Pinterest and I fell in love. Your tips are great, I’ll definitely follow. Thank you so much for helping me !!


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