Book Addict Withdrawal Symptoms

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So you’re addicted to books. Do you ever go through periods where you’re unable to read? For example, my mom is visiting right now which is wonderful. I’m loving being able to spend time with her, but because she’s here, I can’t get much reading done. And I’m starting to feel twitchy. Like if I don’t read a book now I’m going to die. So I thought I’d share my symptoms and find out if you experience the same thing.


Symptom One:


Your mind starts to wander during conversation to whatever book you’re currently reading. You zone out and your friends and family have to constantly repeat themselves. I’m sorry, I was lost in a book world.


Symptom Two:

You start staring at your books, unable to hide your longing.

Hello, pretties. I miss you.

Symptom Three:

You start talking about your books nonstop. You can’t shut up about them. If you can’t read them, then you’re going to talk about them, damn it. But nobody really wants to listen to you…


Symptom Four:

You carry a book  (or books) around with you even though you know you won’t be able to read it. Just touching them makes you feel slightly better.


Symptom Five:

You buy more books because that will make you feel better even though you can’t read them. What? It makes sense, trust me.


Symptom Six:

The final straw. You get so cranky and mean from being unable to read that you drive away everyone you love.

And then you take off for your pile of books and settle in for a marathon reading session!

Us bookworms aren’t antisocial, I promise. But we do need our reading time and we may go a little crazy when we don’t get to read. You know the Snickers commercials?

That’s like us, but with books not Snickers.
Anybody else experience these symptoms when you’re unable to read for a few days? 

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8 responses to “Book Addict Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Haha love this post soooo much! Symptom five is completely me! I do that when I have no time because of grad school and just start accumulating all these books that I wish I could read. To combat the pain to the pocket book, I've started going to the library or binging on library downloads instead 😉

  2. Love the post and the gifs! Yeah, it's hard for me to even go a day without reading. At least a little bit. I love that feeling when I have a whole day in front of me and I can actually just read all day long.

    Hope you're having fun with your mom! ~Pam

  3. hahaha it's so true, I know because I haven't read in effing WEEKS. it's horrible. Then I start getting to the point where I want a span of uninterrupted reading time not just sneaking a chapter here or there because just the chapter starts irritating and pissing me off even more, do you know what I mean? like, it's just a tease.

    … so glad we bookworms understand each other! 🙂

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