10 Books I Vow to Read in 2017

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Last year I made a list of books I vowed to read in 2016 and guess what? I actually completed it! The last book was actually in 2017, but hey. I’m still pretty impressed with myself. It was a pretty steep list. So I decided I would make another list this year in the hopes of clearing off my backlist TBR books that have been collecting dust forever.


I actually meant to post this a lot sooner, but life has just been insanely busy. I thought January would slow down for me, but nope. It’s just a constant go-go-go. And finding time to blog is so difficult!! Sigh. Oh well. I’m just going to do my best this year. That’s all I can ask of myself right?


Books to Read in 2017:


City of Heavenly Fire

This book has been sitting on my shelf since it was released back in May of 2014. But I have good news! I’m currently re-reading the first five books on audio (which honestly is why it’s taken me so long to read this – re-reading 5 books is daunting) so I will finally close this series out! Here’s to hoping the ending is perfect. I have faith in Cassandra Clare.

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Lady Midnight

And with City of Heavenly Fire comes Lady Midnight. I was soooo excited when this book was released. More Shadowhunters??? Yes, please!! But it’s spoilery for City of Heavenly Fire so naturally I couldn’t read because SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY. So once I finish City of Heavenly Fire I plan on diving immediately into this one. Which means I’ll knock two of these ten books off my list right away. Woot!

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This Song Will Save Your Life

I remember the year this book came out. It made everyone’s end of year lists for one of the best books they read all year. I was pumped. And then… it sat on my shelf collecting dust for an eternity never to be seen or heard of again. I actually come from a musical family so I’m pretty excited to dive into this one.


And in case you’re wondering, I’m not particularly musical. I can sing. And I used to play alto sax. But that’s about it. My dad sings though and my mom is an incredible flute player.

This Song Will Save Your Life - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com

The Glass Arrow

I was going to read this book immediately when it came out because I love Kristen Simmons Article 5 series. But then it got some negative reviews and I got sad and scared and then left it to rot on my bookshelf with the other 1,567,935 books I haven’t read yet.


But at BEA last year I was talking to Danielle and she said she loved it in spite of all the negative reviews so I’m ready to give it a try.

The Glass Arrow - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com


I read Black City and Phoenix forever ago. Like when I first started blogging almost 4 years ago now. I don’t think Wings was out at the time, but I remember loving the first two in the series. So I’m determined to finish it. I will obviously have to reread the first two because of course, I have no clue what is going on anymore. But that’s okay. I’ll just get to enjoy them all over again.

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Rose Society & Midnight Star

For some reason unbeknownst to me, I never read Rose Society when I got it for Christmas last year. Like 2015 Christmas. Stupid because I loved The Young Elites and pretty much love all things Marie Lu. So the plan is to re-read The Young Elites, possibly on audio if my library has it and then finally finish the series.


Sidenote: Has anyone noticed how short Midnight Star is??? Seems highly unusual for the last book in a series and is making me a little suspicious….

Rose Society & Midnight Star - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com

Rose Under Fire

After completely falling in love with Code Name Verity, my plan was to jump on the companion novel, but then I… didn’t. I think I have to really be in the mood for historical fiction so the next time the mood strikes, this is the one I’m picking up!


As I’m writing this, I am currently reading My Lady Jane which is kind of historical fiction (much lighter in scale than Elizabeth Wein’s books) so I already failed at choosing this one when the historical fiction mood struck. Sigh.

Rose Under Fire - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com

This Shattered World & This Fractured Light

Another series I can’t believe I never finished. I think the lesson we are learning from this post is that I am the absolute worst at finishing series. Bingeing them works much better for me, but I get too excited when the first book comes out.


I’m a little sad that Lilac and Tarver from These Broken Stars won’t be part of the main show since these are companions, but I hear we still see a lot of them so I’m excited. And I trust Meagan and Amie. They know what they’re doing.

This Shattered World & This Fractured Light - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com

Of Beast & Beauty

This one has been on my TBR forevvvver. I’ve heard amazing things about it and with the live action Beauty & the Beast movie coming out in March, I’ve been craving some retellings. I think I’ll read this right before the movie comes out to put me in the Beauty & the Beast mindframe.

Of Beast & Beauty - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com

The Bronze Horseman

Kelly will be excited to see this one. I’ve had it on my Kindle for a while, but I am notorious for forgetting about all my Kindle books. When the historical bug bites me, it will be this one or Rose Under Fire, hopefully both before the end of 2017.

The Bronze Horseman - Books to Read in 2017 - unboundpages.com

And as an added bonus, I want to try to get through a bunch of my ARCs. This year I won’t be attending BEA which I’m pretty bummed about, but the positive is that I won’t get as many ARCs. So my plan is to churn through some of the ones that are still sitting unread from last year BEA.

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And the year before that… yeah, I’m terrible.

What’s on your TBR for 2017? Which one of these do you think I should start with first? 


9 responses to “10 Books I Vow to Read in 2017

    • lockhartbecca

      Glad to hear you liked the rest of The Young Elites series!! Hopefully I can make it through all these!!

    • lockhartbecca

      Thank you!! I’m so happy to see someone else who has read Black City! Most people don’t know what it is. Yes, I had to curb myself when making this because I wanted to list every book collecting dust on my shelves. Lol Set realistic goals right?

  1. ARCs are at the top of my list this year as well. While it is difficult sometimes to put aside the new releases everyone is reading, I really enjoy reading books before they are released or reading debut authors so sticking to ARCs definitely has some positives, too. Good luck with your reading goals this year!

    • lockhartbecca

      I’ve actually been working through my backlist lately and neglecting ARCs and new releases which has been great, but I need to find a balance between the two I think. I have loved getting to my backlist books, but my ARCs have been soooo neglected. Good luck with your reading goals as well!

  2. Yasss I hope you get to finish TMI this year, so you can move onto Lady Midnight! And I love Tarver and Lilac so much, I was dying just for a little bit of them in the other books (luckily, they do make some cameos :D).


    • lockhartbecca

      I will definitely be moving onto Lady Midnight soon! I just started City of Lost Souls on audio so once I finish that, I’m going to physically read City of Heavenly Fire & Lady Midnight! So excited!! Good to hear that Lilac and Tarver make some cameos. I love them so much!! 😀

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