Review: Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr

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Carnival of Souls 

Author: Melissa Marr
Series: Carnival of Souls, Book One
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Genre:Young Adult Fantasy
Format:Hardcover, 306 pages
Release Date: September 4, 2012
Source: Mid-Columbia Libraries


In a city of daimons, lies the Carnival of Souls, a place
where murder and pleasure are sold. A deadly competition is in full force that
will allow the winner to join the ruling class. Kaleb and Aya must win this
competition in order to survive and truly begin to live their lives.
Mallory is in the dark about the City. All she knows is that
her witch father and all other witches fled to live in the human world. Now
they are forced to hide from the daimons that hunt her father. Mallory trains
every day and is constantly looking for threats around every street corner. She
thought she would never know more of the City, but suddenly even she is sucked
right into the middle of the Carnival of Souls. Because even though she knows
little about the City, everyone in the City knows a lot about her.

My Review: 
Carnival of Souls
was intriguing and dangerous. I thought it was a little slow starting, but it
definitely picked up, so give it a chance. It was dark and mysterious and
constantly kept my mind working trying to figure things out. The story was
intricate, yet not hard to follow. This book really allows the reader to use
their imagination to the fullest because of all the supernatural creatures that
are in this book. This book has it all: violence, magic, and love. Once I got
into it, I couldn’t put it down.
Kaleb is a cur, the lowest caste of the daimons. He is
fighting to improve his stature in society, for himself and his pack. He is a
strong fighter and seemed almost ruthless to me at the beginning. But he is
actually sensitive and cares deeply for members of his pack. He is conniving
and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants which include becoming a
member of the ruling class and getting the girl of his dreams. Kaleb is dark
and mysterious, but I wanted to trust him. I feel like he is inherently good
and is just trying to do what is best for himself and his loved ones.
Aya is an extremely strong girl. She wants to be a member of
the ruling class to help the City. Unless she wins this competition, she will
be forced to bear children, something she never wants to happen. She is quite
intimidating. If I met her in a dark alley, I would be scared for my life. We
only see a tiny sliver of true emotion from Aya in the whole book. I have a
feeling there is a lot more depth to this character and that we will see more
of it in the next book. Aya is certainly intriguing and her character has left
me wanting to know more about her.
Mallory is oblivious, completely, 100% oblivious. But that’s
not really her fault. She knows that her father, Adam, a very powerful witch,
is being hunted by daimons. And that, in turn, she is also being hunted by daimons.
I felt bad for Mallory throughout the book. You, as the reader, know all the
secrets that she desperately wants to know, but can’t because her father won’t
reveal them.  It’s very frustrating. Her
father treats her like she is extremely fragile and will break at the slightest
indication of danger, but I saw her as strong. I think that she can handle the
truth and that the longer he keeps it from her, the harder it is going to be to
accept it.
Overall, this book was very interesting. It kept me
intrigued the whole time I was reading. I really liked all the characters and
liked how Melissa Marr connected them all together. There were many twists that
kept the book exciting and fun to read. It wasn’t one of my favorite books, but
I am excited for the second book to come out so I can find out what happens
next in the carnival of souls.   

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