Dare You To by Katie McGarry

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Dare You To is an emotional book following Beth's story. Hers is one of heart-break, but I loved reading about her & seeing her relationship with Ryan.  - unboundpages.com

Dare You To

Author: Katie McGarry
Series: Pushing the Limits #2
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Genre: YA Contemporary
Format: ebook
Release Date: May 22, 2013
Source: Bought
Rating: 4 Stars
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Synopsis from Goodreads:


Ryan lowers his lips to my ear. “Dance with me, Beth.”“No.” I whisper the reply. I hate him and I hate myself for wanting him to touch me again….

“I dare you…”

If anyone knew the truth about Beth Risk’s home life, they’d send her mother to jail and seventeen-year-old Beth who knows where. So she protects her mom at all costs. Until the day her uncle swoops in and forces Beth to choose between her mom’s freedom and her own happiness. That’s how Beth finds herself living with an aunt who doesn’t want her and going to a school that doesn’t understand her. At all. Except for the one guy who shouldn’t get her, but does….

Ryan Stone is the town golden boy, a popular baseball star jock-with secrets he can’t tell anyone. Not even the friends he shares everything with, including the constant dares to do crazy things. The craziest? Asking out the Skater girl who couldn’t be less interested in him.

But what begins as a dare becomes an intense attraction neither Ryan nor Beth expected. Suddenly, the boy with the flawless image risks his dreams-and his life-for the girl he loves, and the girl who won’t let anyone get too close is daring herself to want it all….


My Review:


Did you guys read my review of Pushing the Limits? If you did, you know that I LOVED it. I definitely wanted to get to the rest of the series soon and was really excited to read about Beth’s story. This girl’s life is heartbreaking. I knew that she had a bad home life from the tiny glimpses we got in Pushing the Limits, but I didn’t realize quite how bad it was. The violence that this girl has seen and been through just ripped my heart right out of my chest. Her unmoving loyalty to her mom both made me love her and want to scream at her at the same time. Beth is one of the most complicated, damaged characters I’ve read about in a while. She frustrated me throughout the book with her constant need to run, but I thought it was really realistic because of what she’s been through. Her development was a thing of true beauty, heartbreaking as it was to watch.


And then there’s Ryan. While I didn’t fall for Ryan like I did for Noah (I’m such a sucker for the bad boy), he was still amazing. Ryan was the epitome of the boy next door. He had that classic southern charm. I loved his need to respect women. I loved that he was always thinking about others. Ryan is the type of guy that thinks before he speaks/acts. I found him very mature for his age. I also loved that there was more to him than meets the eye. At first you think that he’s just a typical jock. He’s a huge baseball player and a lot of the book is about his baseball career, but there’s this whole other side to him. There’s Ryan, the baseball player and then there’s Ryan, the writer. I loved watching Ryan become both.


I can’t talk about this book without talking about Isaiah. This boy just killed me in this book. I NEED to read Crash Into You so that I can make sure Isaiah is okay. He loves Beth so much and it just broke him to watch her choose Ryan. I agree with Beth’s decision 100%, but I also love Isaiah and I want him to have his happily ever after too.


Another thing I really loved about this book was Beth’s relationship with her Uncle Scott. When he first comes back into her life, their relationship is HORRIBLE. Beth curses him out at least once a day and just generally hates him. And I understood why. But I loved that Scott never gave up. He was truly sorry for what he had done earlier in her life and now he fights for her, to give her a better life. I loved watching their relationship improve and I loved watching Beth let Scott back in little by little.


I didn’t love this book as much as the first one, but this was still a powerful story. Katie McGarry writes characters that jump off the pages at you. I could clearly picture everything in this book playing out in my head. These characters feel so real. They have so much personality and go through so much growth together and I love reading about them. I can’t wait to get to the next book in the series!


Have you guys read this one? What did you think of Beth’s story?

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  1. Well,I didn't love this book as much as I did Pushing the Limits,but still Dare You To was an impressive book on its own.
    My heart broke for Isaiah!I suggest you go read Crash Into You asap.It's beautiful,and I was so happy to see him getting his own HEA.
    New follower by the way.

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