January 2018: 12 Books and One Amazing Event

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January Wrap-Up: 12 books - 1 author - 1 awesome trip - unboundpages.com

It’s February! I know that was a very obvious statement, but I can’t believe January has already come and gone. That means only like one more month of winter right? I’m so tired of winter. I just want to be warm again. January was a busy month for me and was highlighted by one specific event, but I’ll get to that. First let’s talk about the books I read!

The 12 Books I Read in January

That’s right! I read 12 books in January! Amazing right?? I was quite impressed with myself. If I can keep up this pace all year, I’ll have no problems making my Goodreads goal. But summer always gets busy so we’ll see. Of those 12 books, 7 were on audio. Basically I continue to see that audio books are saving my life. I would never get any reading done without them. Thank god for audio.

Best Book of January:

My continued reread of the Red Rising trilogy and my read of Iron Gold. It was completely heart-wrenching and depressing. But in a good way, I swear! Followed closely by The Alice Network. Omg that book was amazing. Historical fiction set during WWI (so rare to find WWI historical fiction!!) about the women who served Britain as spies. Seriously incredible.

I’ve also been trying to get through some of my ARCs and egalleys and was pretty successful this month. Rebel, Aerie and Mirrored are all egalleys I’ve had forever and I finally got to read them. Unfortunately, none of them really worked out so well for me. Hopefully I have better luck in February.

I also really enjoyed Warcross and Wonder Woman: Warbringer. Not that I had any doubts since they’re written by two of my favorite authors. Now I need to get to Batman by Marie Lu!

Overall, January was a very good month for reading!


One of my goals for this year is to get back into regular blogging and so far I’m doing it! It feels so good to blog again. I wrote 4 blog posts in January which may not sound like a lot to you, but trust me, 4 is amazing compared to how I did in 2017. My goal is to post once a week which I feel like I’m able to maintain so far. So on the blog this month:

2017 End of Year Survey

Red Rising Superlatives

Three YA Fantasies I Recently Enjoyed

Rebel by Amy Tintera

My favorite post was definitely the Red Rising Superlatives in celebration of the Iron Gold release. I did it with Wendy @ Book Scents and it was hilarious to see that our answers were basically the same. I swear we didn’t show each other the posts prior. We’re just book soul sisters.

Real Life

Speaking of my book soul sister… I got to go to Seattle and visit her!

And we got to meet Pierce Brown! It was a short trip, but seriously amazing. Things you need to know about Pierce Brown:

  1. Yes, he’s really that pretty in real life
  2. He’s super down to earth and spends tons of time with his fans
  3. He’s funny
  4. Yes, he’s really that pretty in real life
  5. He clearly enjoys ripping out our souls
  6. Yes, he’s really that pretty in real life

Did I mention that he’s really pretty? No, but in all seriousness, he was amazing. He drew Sevro’s balls on my hand and the jackal on Wendy’s when we showed him our awesome gold sigils that we spent like 45 minutes painting on our hands. On a bench in the bookstore mind you. We got some interesting looks… Whatever. Before the signing we met up with some other Howlers for dinner which was a lot of fun and then headed over to the event.

One sad thing though. We ordered custom cookies to give Pierce from Lindsey and USPS screwed up and delivered them late so they didn’t arrive in time. So we showed Pierce a picture and then ate the cookies later. But we did find him a magical unicorn eraser. I told him to use it to erase character deaths…

Wendy and I also did fun Seattle things, went to her climbing gym and ate all the food including mini donuts, mac and cheese, and some of the best dumplings and noodles I’ve ever had. The weekend went way too fast and I’ve decided I will just move in with Wendy now. I think her husband would be fine with it. Mine too. Maybe.

How was your January? Read any awesome books I should know about? Go to any cool events? 


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