Red Rising Superlatives

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The winner's of the Red Rising superlatives! Who has the best hair? Cutest couple? Best shoulder to cry on? -

Happy book birthday to Iron Gold! I can’t believe the day has finally come! I feel like I’ve been waiting an eternity for this book. And now that it’s here, I’m terrified to read it. No, really. Absolutely terrified. No one is safe. Don’t kill my babies.

But in order to properly celebrate this momentous book birthday, I decided to do a post on all the characters from the series. At first I thought I would do a top 5 characters post, but then I decided there was no way to only pick five. So then I came up with the superlatives idea and because things with friends are more fun, I asked Wendy if she wanted to do it with me. So make sure to check out her post on Book Scents and compare our answers. I’m going to laugh if they’re all the same.


Red Rising Superlatives

Best Hair

Obviously this award goes to Cassius au Bellona. With his golden locks of perfection.

Biggest Class Clown

This is a tough choice between Sevro and Tactus. But I have to go with Tactus. I feel like Sevro borders on crazy instead of clown… Tactus is always making jokes out of everything and never seems to take anything seriously.

Most Athletic

Darrow. Yep. He wins for sure. He’s just so badass. I mean, Mickey kind of made him that way, but still. Mickey for the win I guess?

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Most Likely to Succeed

Mustang. She is definitely the smartest out of all of them. And she sees things that others don’t. Like the skimming from the reserves going on in Lykos and the fact that the miners are all malnourished. Mustang for President.

Most Likely to be Arrested

For something stupid or something legit? If the answer is stupid then probably Sevro. For something legit, the Jackal. Because he’s obviously a batshit crazy sociopath. Just saying. Although he probably wouldn’t get arrested because he’s too smart to get caught. So final answer? Sevro. That little shit is crazy.

Biggest Flirt

Victra au Julii. This girl knows how to flirt. She is not afraid to use what she’s got. I love her confidence and spice.

Most Friendly

Pax au Telemanus. Obviously. Is there any other answer for this? Pax, the friendly giant. I love his giant bear hugs that may in fact crush your rib cage. And his loud yelling of his own name.

Best Bromance

Well this obviously goes to Sevro and Darrow. They are just adorable. That time in Morning Star when they’re fighting is the worst. The whole time I’m just over here screaming “Can you kiss and make up already??” Seriously, these two are awesome. One of my favorite bromances of all time.

Cutest Couple

Victra and Sevro. So unexpected. Yet so perfect. They’re so different. Victra is your typical tall, badass, takes no shit Gold, while Sevro is small, weird and crazy. But somehow they work and it’s perfection.

Best Shoulder to Cry On

Ragnar. Sure he’s a huge, scary giant. But in reality he’s just a soft, mushy teddy bear. Darrow has many heart to hearts with Ragnar over the course of the series. And Ragnar always has sound, honest advice to give. He understands Darrow in a way the others don’t because he was also a slave to the Society. I wish I could sit in a freezer and just talk to Ragnar for a while.

The winner's of the Red Rising superlatives! Who has the best hair? Cutest couple? Best shoulder to cry on? -

Biggest Drama King/Queen

Sevro au Barca. With the Jackal as a close second. Sevro puts a unique flair on everything he does and I love the bloodydamn little shit for it. Except when he was being super dramatic in Morning Star with Darrow all nervous about him taking over. That was annoying. But the rest of the time Sevro is a fun, albeit crazy/unhinged character that I absolutely love.

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

The entire Telemanus family. The Telemanuses are hands down the best family in the whole series and I swear if any of them die in Iron Gold I will riot. I think Kavax becomes kind of a father figure for Darrow and I love that. I love his little fox Sophocles and I love that Kavax invites Darrow fishing when the Rising is over. Kavax is almost childlike in the joys he takes in life and he’s always bound to make you smile. Darrow earned their trust and loyalty through Pax and this family will always have his back.


And there you have it! The Red Rising superlatives are complete! Print the yearbook now. We’re going to need a full two page spread for “in loving memory.” I’m so terrified of who we’re going to add to those pages in Iron Gold. Please don’t kill any of my darlings. I wasn’t kidding about the rioting.

Me trying not to panic while reading Iron Gold


Who would you choose for these superlatives? 


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