Review: Zodiac by Romina Russell

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Author: Romina Russell
Series: Zodiac #1
Publisher: Razorbill
Genre: YA Fantasy/Science Fiction
Format: ARC
Release Date: December 9, 2014
Source: ARC received from publisher at BEA
Rating: 2.5 Stars
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***I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way changed my opinion of the book. The review below is my open and honest opinion.***

from Goodreads:
Rhoma Grace is a
16-year-old student from House Cancer with an unusual way of reading the stars.
While her classmates use measurements to make accurate astrological
predictions, Rho can’t solve for ‘x’ to save her life—so instead, she looks up
at the night sky and makes up stories.

When a violent blast strikes the moons of Cancer, sending its ocean planet
off-kilter and killing thousands of citizens—including its beloved Guardian—Rho
is more surprised than anyone when she is named the House’s new leader. But, a
true Cancerian who loves her home fiercely and will protect her people no matter
what, Rho accepts.

Then, when more Houses fall victim to freak weather catastrophes, Rho starts
seeing a pattern in the stars. She suspects Ophiuchus—the exiled 13th Guardian
of Zodiac legend—has returned to exact his revenge across the Galaxy. Now Rho—along
with Hysan Dax, a young envoy from House Libra, and Mathias, her guide and a
member of her Royal Guard—must travel through the Zodiac to warn the other

But who will believe anything this young novice says? Whom can Rho trust in a
universe defined by differences? And how can she convince twelve worlds to
unite as one Zodiac?

I want to cry over the
fact that I didn’t like this book. As I started reading, a lot of other people
were saying that they were putting it down, couldn’t get into it, etc. But the
premise was so unique that I decided to keep going. Sure it had been slow so
far, but I was only 100 pages in. I loved the idea of the 12 houses of the
Zodiac, the space aspect, the fantasy element where they read the stars and
manipulate Psynergy. It was all so interesting. The world-building was rich and
So what’s the problem?
It was… boring. Nothing really happened during this whole book. The
world-building, while very good, was complete info-dump and because the author
spent so much time making sure the reader was clear on every little detail
about the world, nothing really happened plot-wise. My soul is crushed.
I even enjoyed the
romance! There was a minor love triangle, which was annoying. But the side of
the triangle I was rooting for was great. I loved the guy. He felt different,
had that swagger that I love, but definitely showed his insecurities and
My god, I am so upset
about this book. It had all of the elements to make it amazing. Interesting
unique world, great main character, swoony romance, but somehow those pieces
just didn’t quite fit together like I wanted them to. I thought that if the
ending (last 50 pages) somehow redeemed it, I would be okay. But it didn’t.
Still, nothing happened. We got next to no information about the villain and
then it just kind of ended. Honestly, I don’t see myself continuing on with the
Have you read this book? Did you find the plot super slow and tedious? Were you as crushed over this book as I was? 

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6 responses to “Review: Zodiac by Romina Russell

  1. Your review was so disappointing to read! I've been looking forward to reading this book and I already bought it so I'm still going to read it, but I'm definitely pushing it down the list now. Hopefully with my expectations sufficiently lowered, I'll end up being pleasantly surprised. ~Pam

  2. I'm reading this one right now, and I have to agree with your review. It has all the elements to make it good, but it's just too shaky. Plus, despite all the world-building, I don't feel like I understand Psynergy and the devices they use to read the stars.

    • Yeah I didn't really understand Psynergy or the Ephemeris things they used. Granted, I'm not the kind of reader that necessarily HAS to understand everything, but with all the world-building, you would think those two things would have been better explained.

  3. I completely agree — i didn't like this at all. nothing happened and then it was repetitive like, get people to believe in ochus, oh no one believes her, try some more blah blah blah…. UGH. I struggled, I almost DNF-ed because i didn't want to finish the last 80 pgs haha. I kept thinking the pages were so big with so many words… haha.

    • I know. I was like omg can we move on to some actual action now?? I wish I had dnfed it to be honest. I feel like it was a waste of time. And it took me forever to get through it because I just did not want to pick it back up.

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