5 Social Media Tools Every Book Blogger Needs

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5 Social Media Tools Every Book Blogger Needs - unboundpages.com

Social media is huge for every single book blogger. We couldn’t live without it. Our blogs probably wouldn’t live without it. Social media is where I do all my blog promo. Yes, much of my traffic comes from organic search, but a lot of it also comes from social media. Not to mention the fact that book blogging is a very social endeavor. Didn’t we all start book blogging to make new bookish friends? Because our real life friends didn’t understand our flaily rants? I mean…that’s why I started blogging.


But social media can be super overwhelming and time consuming. Time that we don’t have.

I used to suck at social media. I mean, really, really suck. But now I’m a social media rockstar. I regularly tweet five times a day, Instagram once a day and post on my Facebook page 3 times a day. I get more shares, clicks and engagement on social media now than I ever have, but I’m spending way less time promoting my blog posts and writing social media posts. How? With 5 tools that I couldn’t live without.



I wrote a post called 3 Ways Buffer Helps Me Kick Social Media Ass a bit ago. And it’s even more true today. I am absolutely in love with Buffer. I’m extremely tempted to get the paid version that will let me schedule 100 posts at a time just so I can get even further ahead. The free version gives you 10. I suppose that’s enough for now. But one day, I’m totally going to upgrade. Because it’s just that good.


I can be browsing the internet, reading a post I love and one-click my Buffer chrome extension to share that post with my followers. On a pre-determined schedule. I can do the same when retweeting things on Twitter. It’s incredible and I love it.


You can currently schedule for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and recently added Instagram. It won’t actually post for you with Instagram, but it will send you a notification and then it’s about 3 clicks to post and you’re done. Life saving.



Later.com makes my bookstagram life 10 million times easier. It works the same way as Buffer for Instagram does, except it lets you schedule 30 posts in one month. So between the two, you’re pretty much set. Later also lets you preview the way your feed will look so you can choose which images will look best together. And it tells you how many hashtags you’re allowed and when you’ve run out.


It’s so much easier to type up my captions on the computer and just copy and paste my hashtags in. Trying to do all that on your phone is a major pain in the ass and was one of the biggest reasons I wasn’t very present on Instagram until this year. Now I’m obsessed. I batch take my photos and schedule them all in one day. I can literally take a whole month’s worth of bookstagrams and schedule them all in one day. And I couldn’t do it without Later.


Canva has been a lifesaver for many things on my blog. But it’s really helped me create optimized graphics for each social media outlet. Did  you know that each social media outlet has a different “optimized” image size? Yeah, it would be nice if they would all get together and say “let’s do this size”, but they don’t. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard to create these optimized images. With Canva it’s not.


Canva has pre-made social media templates so with one click you already have the size you need. Make some quick edits, save and you’re good. I also use Yoast to upload these images to my blog posts to ensure the correct image is shared on each social media outlet.


P.S. I’ll teach you exactly how to do that in my free LIVE training this Saturday, August 20th at 3pm. Register now to reserve your spot!



You see those share icons on the left-hand side of my blog? That’s a little plugin called SumoMe. They offer a TON of stuff with their plugin, but my favorite has to be these social share buttons. They’re so easy to set-up and customize for your blog and it makes it stupid easy for people to share your blog post.

If people like your post and want to share it, but have to hunt around for a share button, they’re probably going to give up. After about 10 seconds. Maybe less. People don’t want to work for it. It’s just not that important and there’s just not enough time. So make it stupid easy for them to share your posts. SumoMe does that for me, with extremely minimal effort. I think it took me less than 10 minutes to get it all set-up.


Click to Tweet

Speaking of making it stupid easy… Click to Tweet from Co-schedule is amazing. I actually just recently installed this plug-in on my blog and it’s incredible. I’m sure you’ve noticed those pretty Twitter boxes throughout this post. Those are made with this super awesome plug-in. Once you install, there will be a button in your blog post drafting screen. You literally click that, type your tweet and hit okay. Done.


Make sure you download this one though. There are a couple options out there, but the one from Co-schedule is by far the easiest one to use.


What tools do you use to make your social media life easier? Ever tried any of these? Which ones are you most excited about checking out? 

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