The #1 Reason You Should Read The Lunar Chronicles

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Over the past week I started my reread of The Lunar Chronicles series in preparation for the release of Winter tomorrow. Oh my god, it’s finally almost here and I am DYING!!! Rereading this series was such a joy, such an absolute pleasure and it just reminded me of all the reasons why I love this series so much. This is hands down one of my favorite series of all time and here’s why:



I love each and every one of these characters. Thus far, there have been six prevalent main characters and in Winter we’re going to get two more to add to our list. That’s a lot of characters and for an author to have them each so fully fleshed out is an amazing feat. But Marissa accomplishes this.


First in Cinder she shows us how funny and snarky Cinder is. How confident, yet insecure she is. How lonely and heartbroken she is. How determined and strong. All of these characteristics made me fall in love with her, made me get behind her and root for her.


We also met Prince Kai, the ever dreamy heir to the throne of the Eastern Commonwealth. I love how Prince Kai is so loyal to his nation, yet so obviously torn between ruling as he was born to and finishing his childhood. I love how devoted he is to his people and how passionate he is about his ideals. I love how he takes risks and uses his power for good.


And of course, let’s not forget about Iko our hilarious android who keeps me laughing the entire time reading. Iko is enthusiastic, sarcastic, inappropriate and probably one of my favorite characters. She brings humor to the pages during the darkest of moments and I love her personality.


In Scarlet, we are introduced to a girl determined to save her grandmother no matter the cost. I love Scarlet’s devotion to the people she loves, her fiery, fierce personality. The fact that she doesn’t take shit from anyone, not even a wolf-hybrid who could definitely kill her with his pinky finger.


Wolf – my alpha – is on of my top book boyfriends of all time. I forgot how much I love him. Stupid me. Rereading these books made me remember what I love about him. That dominance he exudes, letting everyone around him know he’s in charge. But he also has a soft sensitive side that we see throughout Scarlet and Cress. View Spoiler » You guys, I can’t take the level of feels I have for this man.


Thorne is another great source of comedic relief. Between him and Iko, I just laugh the whole time I’m turning these pages. The humor seriously makes these books. I love that even though we are in the most dire of situations, Marissa can still make her readers smile and literally laugh out loud. Captain Carswell Thorne, all swagger, not a care in the world. I love his arrogance, his snark, his blase attitude. But in Cress we see some vulnerability about him. We see some cracks in his facade and I loved seeing all of that. Thorne makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me swoon. He’s amazing.


Cress is the most timid of our female characters, but that doesn’t make her any less strong than the others. Her strength just shows up in different ways. She has a quiet strength about her. After being secluded for seven long years on a satellite in orbit around Earth, it amazes me that she can even function. But she pulls herself together and takes things one dune at a time. Cress balances out the strong, quick-tempered characters around her perfectly and I love that she brings out a different side of Thorne.


And next up we will get to know Winter and Jacin, both of whom I’m sure I’ll fall in love with as well. How can I not when we have an author as skilled as Marissa Meyer writing about them?


There are a lot of things that make this series amazing. The world, the details that Marissa expertly weaves together. A villain that you can truly hate. Heroes that you can root for. A believable crisis. Multiple subplots. In short, this series is a masterpiece and my reread just reinstated my love for it. I will book push this on people until I die. Read it, read it, read it!! And fangirl with me on Tuesday when Winter comes out.Not convinced? Check out my reviews for more book-pushing!


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  1. Completely and totally agree. I just finished rereading all three and now I'm reading Fairest for the first time. Can't wait until tomorrow!!! I have the hardback coming in the mail but I may just have to order the Kindle version so I can start reading it earlier. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. LOVED THIS SERIES!!!! So many great characters it's hard to decide who my favorite are. I guess all of them! ~Pam

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