The Library Canary’s Bookish Gift Guide: 2015 Edition

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It’s that time of year again. The holidays are in full swing and I’ve been bitten by the Christmas bug. I went to Target last week, bought a bunch of Christmas decorations and decorated my desk at work. Of course everyone freaked out about it not even being Thanksgiving, but hey, haters gonna hate, am I right?

I’ve also been bitten by the gift buying bug. One of my favorite things about Christmas is buying gifts for people. I’m already a bit of a shopaholic, but buying things for other people is really where I shine. I love finding that perfect little something. I love wrapping up the presents and watching people tear them open. I love the feeling of joy I get when they inevitably love the perfect gift I spent hours upon hours choosing for them. And I want to give you that feeling too.


Do you have a bookish person in your life? Are you looking for unique bookish gifts that aren’t necessarily books? Look no further, friend. You’re in the right place. I’m about to blow your mind with a gift guide that’s sure to please any bookish person you’re shopping for.


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THE HOBBIT - Leatherette Pocket Edition iPhone 4/4S Charging Dock - Smaug, Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins


That’s right. You’re looking at an iphone dock that looks like a leather-bound copy of The Hobbit.


Bibliophile Quote Necklace - Book Lover Necklace - Reader Jewelry - Bookish - Writer - Librarian Gift (B5008)


I’m obsessed with this beautiful bibliophile necklace. This etsy shop also has a lot of other amazing necklaces to choose from, like this fictionista one I also adore.



Literally a greeting card, but I love the way they framed this. Would be a perfect edition to any library. Of course, I may be partial to it because of my undying love of all things pizza. (frame not included)


Olde Book Pillow Classics


Why yes, that is a giant book pillow. With three books to choose from (Treasure Island, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland) your biggest problem is going to be deciding which one. I would so lay on this and read all the books.



The Albatros bookmark! What is this strange device? It’s literally a bookmark that turns pages with you so you can just close the book and it will naturally save the place you’re currently on. No more fumbling to grab for your bookmark and accidentally losing your place. No more setting your bookmark down and then losing it in between the couch cushions. This is a must have for any bookworm.

£8.00/per pack of six


Middle Earth Dress


Um it’s a dress that has a map of freaking Middle Earth on it!!!! I need this in my life and the bookworm in your life needs it too!
$95.00 AUD
Approximately $69.00 USD



These are leather-bound, beautiful editions of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy + The Hobbit. Every bookish person loves unique editions of books.



Speaking of pretty boxed sets…this set of A Song of Ice & Fire is gorgeous!! My only complaint is that the series isn’t finished yet so then my books wouldn’t match… But so shiny and pretty! *grabby hands*



Have you guys heard of Pivot Book Totes? Becca is the blogger and creator of these amazing handmade book totes and I seriously want all of them!! Any book lover in your life would be thrilled to have one of these!


The Lunar Chronicles Unisex Tank Top 

Pretty much everything from this Society 6 shop, The Art of Young Adult, is great. They make mugs, travel mugs, laptop sleeves, phone cases, totes, pillows, tank-tops, t-shirts, etc. But I am especially obsessed with this Lunar Chronicles tank, probably since I just finished Winter which was amazing!!


Not satisfied? Check out my stocking stuffers for book lovers guide and a list of products for book lovers to drool over! Happy shopping!

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6 responses to “The Library Canary’s Bookish Gift Guide: 2015 Edition

  1. This is a great list! I actually purchased the leather-bound set of Lord of the Rings for myself a while back. It is a beautiful set and I love it. I just need to finish reading the series now.
    Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I love those pillows!

  2. Hooray for shopping for bookish gifts! I'm obsessed with the variety of gifts you can find for the booklovers in your life (self included), and I like the ones you've spotlighted her a lot. I actually really want that edition of Lord of the Rings, and those pillows look AWESOME.

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