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So Sabrina over @ I Heart YA Fiction nominated me for this the other day. This tag was created by  Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books and Dana from Dana Square. I’m sure this is going to be super embarrassing and shameful, but I’m doing it. Let’s talk about how out of control my TBR is.
How Do I Manage My TBR?
Goodreads. Goodreads. And more Goodreads. I have shelves that I
keep all my ARCs to read on and then just my normal “want to read
shelf” for books I have purchased, but haven’t yet read. The total
You might be thinking to yourself, my that seems low for a book blogger. Those are just the books I OWN and haven’t read. And that’s IF I have
remembered to put them all on that list. Which, let’s be honest, I probably
The other way that I keep track is via Google calendar. I schedule
my reviews ahead of time so I try to read my ARCs in order of release date. I
also have lots of built-in “free” reads for all those older books I’ve been
meaning to get to.
Is My TBR Mostly print or ebooks?
don’t honestly know for sure, but I want to say I have more ebooks. Between the
galleys I get via Netgalley and Edelweiss and those deadly Kindle daily deals
the number has got to be pretty high. Ebooks are so easy. With kindle books,
it’s just one click to purchase and on EW, it’s just one click to
download/request. I have zero self-control.
How do I determine which book from my tbr to read next?
usually goes back to my Google calendar. I’m not much of a mood reader so I can
usually follow my calendar pretty closely which goes in order of release date.
For the most part. But the only books that go on the calendar are ARCs that I
request. So all my BEA books are not on there and neither are unsolicited
review copies. Those get read during my “free” days.
A book that’s been on my tbr the longest
honestly don’t really know because I haven’t been on Goodreads that long. But
I’ve wanted to read Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux series for forever. I own all
five books and still have yet to read them. Fail.
A book I recently added to my tbr
by Jennifer L. Armentrout because, well, it’s freaking JLA. Duh.
A book on my tbr strictly because of its beautiful cover
A book on my tbr that I never plan on actually reading
by Kat Falls
I’m not really sure why I added this book to be honest. It’s a
zombie book and I hate zombies. Plus the cover looks too much like Divergent and that just annoys me. Never
reading this.
An unpublished book on my tbr that I’m excited for
Um…all of them? Fine. I’ll pick one.
A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas. Number one: the cover is
gorgeous! Number two: Sleeping Beauty retelling!!!
A book on my tbr that basically everyone has read except me
Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry
has been on my TBR forever and everyone has read it and raved about it, yet
it’s still sitting on my shelf, unread. Fail.
A book on my tbr that everyone recommends to me
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
am a huge fantasy lover and I own this entire series, but for some reason, I
keep putting it off. And people keep yelling at me about it. Lol. Soon.
A book on my tbr that I’m dying to read
Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
have heard awesome things about this so far and it sounds so freaking good!!
I’m dying to read it!!
The number of books on my goodreads tbr shelf
I suppose I should combine both my TBR and my wishlist (i.e. books that I want
to read, but don’t yet own) because really that’s the truth of the matter. So
here it goes:
not too bad right? The problem is, more get added every single day. And half
the time I read books that aren’t even on either of these lists. Epic fail.
was fun, if not slightly embarrassing. Thanks for tagging me Sabrina! Now I
@ Book Scents
But it’s not just limited to these four ladies I’ve tagged! If you want to participate feel free! And send me a link so I can feel better about myself and my out of control TBR. 

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10 responses to “The TBR Tag

  1. Inhuman!!!! Why aren't you going to read it? 🙂 I actually REALLY liked it.

    I'm a pretty big mood reader so I just read whatever I feel like reading. And if that means I buy a book even though I have a ton sitting on my shelf (or Kindle), so be it.

    You're so organized, with the calendar and everything! I'm not organized at all. But that's probably because I don't have that many ARCs to read so I don't feel that pressure. I only have about 10-15 at once and I usually read the ones I really want to read even if they're not coming out for 6 months. Oh well! I do have two ARCs that have been out for awhile and I still haven't read them. I'm starting to feel a little bad, but one of them I started reading and didn't like so I'm wondering if the publisher (and author) would rather I just not review it. I hate seeing it on NetGalley all the time, though. And then the other one…I just need to read it. But like I said, I'm such a mood reader it's hard to read a book if I'm not in the mood for it and if I do, I generally don't like it, which doesn't seem fair to the author. Fun post! ~Pam

    • I don't know. It's zombies. And I really don't like zombies…

      Yeah, I have to keep them organized somehow. I just have no self-control on EW and NG. And then of course I went to BEA this year and got a bunch there. So I'm drowning in books. Lol.

      I have actually had to submit feedback on both NG and EW saying that I don't plan on reading the book and apologizing to the publisher just so I can clear it and get my feedback ratio up. Because I know I'm never going to read the book.

  2. I'm dying to read Red Queen too!! I have so many other books I must read first though 😛 I haven't read Pushing the Limits either!! A Wicked Thing sounds really good 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the tag!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    • I know right? It's like a never ending stack of books and some days I just want to throw them all aside and just dive into the ones I'm dying for!! But then I feel bad neglecting my other review copies. Lol

      The tag was super fun! Thanks for putting it together!

  3. I chose Wicked for the same question. 😛 That has to be JLA's best cover yet – can't wait to read it!
    Also excited for A Wicked Thing (another gorgeous cover), and I highly recommend Pushing the Limits. It's a bit drama-filled, but the characters are amazing.

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